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Real Name: Kristin Kirkconnell
Occupation: Actress

Kristin Keating Biography

Kristin grew up outside of Chicago and began acting in the first grade. Her induction into the public eye was as a runway model for Wilhemina Models and Elite in New York City, Paris and Milan. While establishing herself as a popular model, Kristin also found time to become fluent in the French language and landed a leading role in She's a Very Nice Lady, which premiered at Cannes as well as Cinematon, which garnered attention on the worldwide film festival circuit. Since then, Ms Keating has both endeared and established herself among Indie Film directors, producers and fans as a highly intelligent and versatile actress.In her work with major television networks, Kristin has not just performed as an actress in such shows as All My Children, but has also captivated audiences as a guest on The Morning Show with Regis and Kathy Lee as well as co-hosted PBS' One on Wine and hosted/produced Healing Today.A number of films where Kristin has had principal roles have been submitted to wide acclaim at prestigious national and international film festivals. Kristin's producers, directors, fellow actors and the circle of professionals who have worked with her have said that her strong presence and unstoppable high quality work have delighted and inspired everyone involved.

Kristin Keating Movies / TV-Shows

Apartment 212 (2017)
Mind's Eye (2015)
Inner Dimension (2014)
The Inner Room (2011)
You're Not Getting Out Alive (2011)
Spectrauma (2011)
Killer Ink (2011)
The Highwayman (2011)
Street Trash (1987)

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